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Sorry for writing this in English, but my Norwegian is non-existent. One thing that I'm concerned with with this project is that some sort of terminology committee should be set up from the start, as terminology is one consistent problem that I've run into when trying to translate articles for the Sámi wikipedia, especially since 1) I'm not a native speaker, 2) I live outside of the main Sámi-speaking areas, and 3) most of the terms needed don't exist in dictionaries in print or even online. For example, today I've been trying to think about how to say host/presenter/juontaja for TV and radio hosts. I have no idea what the term is or even could be, it isn't in any of the dictionaries I have and I haven't managed to find it online through risten.no, Álgu or Google. I have an Excel sheet on my computer that has thousands of similar terms on it that I've collected from translating articles on Wikipedia. Also, terms should be collected somewhere central (e.g., risten.no), as this would be a wonderful accessible resource for Sámi speakers (not just Wikipedia users). Hopefully this project gets off the ground, especially since the main translator and author on the Sámi wikipedia (Skuolfi) has gotten worn down and isn't so sure about the future of the project or its worthiness anymore. -Yupik 13. jul 2009 kl. 23:44 (CEST)