Årsplan 2015–2016

Fra Wikimedia Norge

Year plan Wikimedia Norge July 2015-July 2016

Glam Program

  • Co-host one Cultural Data Conference during spring, 2016, on how institutions can share cultural data.
  • Organize 8, dedicated GLAM-Wiki Meetups for established Wikipedians in collaboration with GLAM partners in Oslo.
  • Get one more institutions to assign a Wikipedian in Residence by early 2016, outside the Oslo core.
  • Organize one Wikipedia Academy during spring, 2016, in collaboration with one of our GLAM partners in Oslo.
  • Be a pilot global community of the Wikipedia Library during fall, 2015, and set up a Norwegian branch of the project. Project page
  • Mass upload of images to Wikimedia Commons: Motivate and help institutions to mass upload images to Commons.
  • Editing competition of the Week: 4 editing competitions organized in cooperation with GLAM partner.

Gender Gap Program

  • Stage a total of 9 Female editing workshops at university libraries of each 3.5 hours, in 2015, with 3 events during spring and 6 events during fall. Project page
  • Organize a two days Train-the-trainers workshop including the same female students as above, from 4 or more universities and university colleges, during spring 2016.
  • Gender equity: work for gender equity as an organization, employer, and co-host in different contexts and in social media.
  • Stage a two weeks long editing competition around International Women´s day in March, 2016, with prizes sponsored by the WMNO.

Academic Wikipedia Program

(Programmet ble redusert på grunn av at Wikimedia Norge motttok mindre økonmisk støtte fra Wikimedia Foundation enn det det ble søkt om.)

  • Aim at developing a cooperation with/through the Norwegian Research Council in 2015, modeled potentially around the co-operation with the Arts Council Norway from 2012-2014.