Hopp til innhold

Årsplan 2016–2017

Fra Wikimedia Norge

Støtte opp om frivillig innsats

From one of the bimonthly wiki meet ups organized by community members.
  • Give out 8 x 8000 NOK in wiki scholarships. 4 in September 2016 and 4 in February 2017.
  • 6 wiki workshops in Oslo for active editors organized bimonthly by the community, costs covered by Wikimedia Norge. Test the same in one other city as well.
  • Include 30 active editors in our other programs and ask for support online, via the village pump or on project pages as mentors.
  • Organize a month long online editing contest in November in collaboration with Wikimedia Armenia. The winner from each country gets to travel to Armenia / Norway.
  • Sponsor, or get sponsored, 6 prizes in the weekly online contest.
  • Trippel the number of Wikimedia Norge memberships from 2015 till 2016.
  • Conduct a survey among 2000 editors and readers on Wikipedia with help from WMF in November-December 2016.
  • Print material about How to contribute to Wikimedia Commons and on free licenses.
  • Support The Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU by using revenues from membership fees.

Samarbeid med kulturinstitusjoner

Image from Kanstad collection, The museum of Nordland. The Kvantoland collection is next to be uploaded
  • Organize Wiki Loves Monuments in collaboration with The Directorate for Cultural Heritage: 500 images uploaded
  • The Norwegian branch of the Wikipedia Library: Add 2 resource and 1 cite on reference tools.
  • Mass upload in collaboration with 3 partner institutions: 30 000 images.
  • A test project on how a mass upload of images from The museum of Nordland can be put to use on wiki projects, working title: Wiki Loves Nordland.
  • Organize 2 online editing contests in collaboration with partners.
  • Organize 2 guided tours at partner institutions for community members.
  • Organize #Wikinobel, 7. Oktober 2017 in collaboration with The Nobel Peace Center and community members.

Prosjekt akademia

Jorid Martinsen from Wikimedia Norge at the University of Oslo.

Higher education:

  • Continuing the collaboration with the University of Oslo in giving at least two Wikipedia lectures and editing trainings as a part of the academic curriculum.
  • Giving at least two Wikipedia lectures and editing trainings with new higher education partners.
  • Standardizing how WP lectures are given so these on long term can be used by both volunteers and academic staff to give lectures after the same model as mentioned above.
  • Welcome two interns from higher education at Wikimedia Norge’s office for one-two months stay.
  • Support one Master’s student at the University of Oslo who is doing her degree on how the Gender Gap effects content on the Norwegian Bokmål version of Wikipedia.
  • Organize a Wikipedia Academy spring 2017 on research and Wikipedia.

The Research Council of Norway:

  • Organizing one event for researchers where the topic is academic contributions to Wikipedia as a part of The Research Councils annual 2 week event “Researcher’s Days”.
  • Organizing a editing contest or editing relay where researchers are the participants.
  • Organizing a contest or a mentor collaboration with researchers and active editors.

Prosjekt kjønnsubalanse

Jorid Martinsen, workshop in Oslo 7th November
  • Host monthly editing-workshops for women. Four during spring, and four during fall in Oslo.
  • Help organize 4 wiki meet ups for women outside Oslo.
  • Collaborate with 2 other organizations working on gender gap issues, Girl Geek Dinners Trondheim and the Norwegian branch of WIFT: Women in Film and Television.
  • 4 news reports on the gender gap issue.
  • Organize an online editing contest on feminism and female biographies to mark the international Women's Day 8. March 2017.
  • Participate in the 2017 Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon with an edit-a-thon in Oslo.
  • By the end of the funding period measure editor retention among the participants. The program aims at 5 active editors by June 2017.