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Wikimedia Norway is the Wikimedia chapter supporting and promoting the Wikimedia projects within Norway. It encompasses the projects in the following languages: Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk) and Northern Sami (davvisámegiella). We are guided by our Strategy 2016-2020 (Norwegian).


Astrid Carlsen, Executive Director. Astrid is instrumental in developing Wikimedia Norway's cooperation with the GLAM sector, and enhancing the inclusion offers to contributors. Astrid has extensive experience from the Publishing industry and as a translator and . (e-mail) (Tel: +47 411 05 154)
Jorid Martinsen, Project Manager. Jorid is instrumental in mobilizing female contributors, and enhancing the movement's coverage of notable women. She is an experienced student organizer, being recently a member of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Students Organisation (NSO). (e-mail) (Tel: +47 400 71 589)
Jon Harald Søby, Community Manager. Jon Harald has been a Wikimedian since 2005, primarily on the Bokmål Wikipedia and Wikidata. He has previously worked as Fundraising Production Coordinator and Community Fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation. (e-mail) (Tel: +47 977 67 510)

Board of Wikimedia Norway

The Board of Wikimedia Norway, elected at the Annual Assembly in April 2017, consists of:

Hogne Neteland, Chairman of the board

Based in Nesodden, Neteland is an experienced wikipedian and administrator of the Norwegian (Nynorsk) Wikipedia. He works in the Information Technology industry, and was first elected to the Wikimedia Norway board in 2013. He has previously served two terms in the chapter's Oversight Committee.

Guro Faller has many years of organizational experience from volunteer organizations. She works in IT.

Harald Groven is an experienced Wikipedian at the Bokmål version. He has studied in Tromsø, Oslo, Shanghai and Ann Arbor (Michigan), and works as a web developer in the Centre for ICT in education. He has been a wiki enthusiast since 2001 and has contributed on Wikipedia since 2005. He was elected to the Wikimedia Norwegian in 2010 and works especially on data analysis, statistics and quality work.

Andrea Tiltnes is a journalist and currently works as the Director of Communications at K. G. Jebsen - Centre for cardiovascular training at NTNU. She is active in Girl Geek Dinners Trondheim.

Tore Sætre has been a contributor on the Norwegian Wikipedias and Commons since 2006. He works as a freelance project manager in IT infrastructure and are enthusiastic photographer in his spare time.

Trond Trosterud is an experienced Wikipedian on the Nynorsk version, and administrator on the North Saami and Nynorsk editions. He is professor of Sami language technology at UiT The arctic University of Norway, and since 2010 a board member of the Norwegian Language Council. He was first elected to the Board of Wikimedia Norway in 2008 and has been a board member since then.


Are you a foreign student, expat or permanent visitor? You are heartly welcome as a member of Wikimedia Norway! Members enjoy rights, receive updates and get invited to Wikimedia events. The membership fee is NOK 100 for students and NOK 200 for others.


Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee (2017–18) consists of Trygve Nodeland, Kjetil Ree and Morten Olsen Haugen.

Election Committee

The Election Committee (2017–18) consists of Helge Høifødt, Ida Landberg and Ole Anders Flatmo (epost).


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