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2023–2028 Strategic Plan

Fra Wikimedia Norge
Denne siden er en oversatt versjon av siden Strategi 2023–2028 og oversettelsen er 100 % ferdig.

The strategic plan was passed by Wikimedia Norge's Annual General Assembly February 4, 2023.

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Wikimedia Norge will be a visible advocate for knowledge sharing and open access to information. Wikimedia Norge will be the leading Norwegian organisation for everyone that supports the network of Wikimedia projects.

About the strategic plan and efforts to reach its goals

The strategic plan covers the period 2023–2028. It can be revised, if necessary. If significant strategic changes are to be made, the plan will have to be reviewed by the Annual General Assembly.

The efforts to achieve the goals described in the strategic plan, will be detailed in annual plans. In the annual plans, measures within the thematic work areas will be prioritised.

Main goals

These are Wikimedia Norge's goals for this strategic period:

  • Open access to an increased volume of information from archives, libraries and other public entities.
  • To support and strengthen the community of members and volunteers and readers of the Wikimedia projects.
  • Increased quality and diversity in the Wikimedia projects, particularly in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and Northern Sámi.
  • To play an active part in international wiki efforts.
  • To be a professional non-profit organisation that strives for healthy finances, active membership coordination and good long-term plans.
  • To be a visible and attractive partner for relevant parts of GLAM (particularly libraries, archives and museums), the educational sector, the authorities and civil society in general.

Four thematic work areas

Thematic work areas will help us reach the strategic plan goals.

  1. Members and contributors
  2. Organisational foundation
  3. Norwegian partnerships and advocacy
  4. International work.

For every thematic work area, the current status is described and goals for the strategic period are listed.

1. Members and contributors

Status: The number of WMNO members has been low for years, even though there are many contributors to Wikipedia in Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk. In the previous strategic period, membership coordination and strategic or administrative development was not made a priority.

Goal: By the end of the strategic period, we will have seen a steady growth in the number of members, and they represent the diversity of Norwegian society. The number of contributors and others that support free knowledge sharing has risen. WMNO will have a good overview of its membership base and strong board and committee recruitment.

1.1 WMNO will work towards a diverse membership base that reflects the Norwegian people. Throughout the period, the organisation will provide good membership services and work to increase the number of members and contributors.
1.2 WMNO will actively pursue diversity of contributors and content in the Wikimedia projects, with a particular focus on increasing the number of female contributors.
1.3 WMNO will continually strive to provide a safe space where members and contributors can have fruitful discussions.
1.4 WMNO will continue to develop in-person and virtual meeting places for new and experienced members, and to provide community support and training.

2. Organisational foundation

Status: WMNO enters the strategic period funded mainly by The Wikimedia Foundation and to a lesser degree by external, temporary project funding. This is limiting to our operations beyond projects. Many of our projects are small, and a lot of our activities are hard to document and to quantify.

Goal: By the end of the strategic period, WMNO will have documented all the work that has been done, with as little extra admin as possible. More of our projects will stretch over several years, engage with more people and strengthen knowledge sharing. A larger share of our revenues will be unrestricted and provide us with more operational freedom.

2.1 In this period, WMNO will strive to document activities and to quantify results.
2.2 This strategic period, WMNO will work to increase its unrestricted revenues.
2.3 This period, WMNO aims to develop larger multi-year projects.

3. National partnerships and advocacy

WMNO has a number of past and on-going projects and collaborations with relevant national partners. Many of the projects are short, have not been formalised and don't lead to long-term partnerships and knowledge exchange. There is little collaboration with the educational sector. Beyond narrow fields of interest, WMNO has a low public profile.

Goal: By the end of the strategic period, a larger share of our GLAM collaborations will be formalised. Wiki projects, and how to support open knowledge in wiki projects, will be at the core of a formalised collaboration with one or more educational sector partners. WMNO will have a more visible public profile and play an active role in public discourse and collaborations within burning topics such as open access to information and freedom of speech.

3.1 WMNO will pursue more formalised, strategic and long-term collaborations with relevant external partners from GLAM and the educational sector.
3.2 This period, WMNO will work with school system partners with the intention of introducing wiki activities into teaching plans.
3.3 WMNO will play an active role in hearings and meeting places within our fields of interest.

4. International work

Status: WMNO is part of a global organisation and a large international network of volunteers and professionals. Entering this strategic period, the flow of information and shared knowledge between the Norwegian and the international network is relatively small.

Goal: By the end of the strategic period, Norwegian volunteers, contributors and partners have gained knowledge about international challenges. They receive information and learn from the international network. WMNO's thoughts and ideas are heard and gain support internationally, and we play a key role in the joint efforts to support under-represented languages.

4.1 WMNO will work to increase the awareness of international challenges for freedom of speech and open knowledge.
4.2 WMNO will encourage knowledge sharing between international and national projects.
4.3 As part of WMNO's work for open knowledge sharing, we will support the international efforts to strengthen under-represented languages. Nationally, we will continue our work with Northern Sámi.