Wikipedia Academy 2011/EN

    Fra Wikimedia Norge
    Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo.
    Erik Möller, Wikimedia Foundation
    Heidi Nordby Lunde, alias Vampus
    Håkon Wium Lie, Opera Software
    Lars Roede, Oslo City Museum

    There are still some places left. Registration untill Monday, March 21, at 12:00 p.m.

    Wikipedia Academy 2010/2011, is arranged from March 22-23, jointly with the free software and knowledge conference Go Open, and with FSCONS, at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo. The academy is the major, annual outreach program between Wikimedia Norway and the external world. This year, it will focus on Wikipedia's ability to recruit and include experts from outside the universities, i.e. experts from public entities, regulators, companies, museums, NGOs, etc. Participants at Go Open, FSCONS and Wikipedia Academy can freely choose between sessions of the three events during March 23. The attendence fee is NOK 100-400 (see details, below).

    Tuesday, March 22 starts with the keynote address to Go Open by vice president of Wikimedia Foundation, Erik Möller. Continuous editing classes will be held throughout the day. In the evening, there is a Wiki-meetup, sit-ins and a loose panel discussion on digital sharing cultures between Möller, representatives of Sun, Ubuntu, and others.

    Wednesday, March 23 starts with four short introductions to Wikipedia's main strategic challenges for the ten next years, looking ahead from the starting-point of January's ten years anniversary. Host of the day is Jörund Leknes (Kantega), and participants are Erik Möller, Haakon Wium Lie (Opera Software), and Mona Solvoll (BI), who also take remarks from each others and questions from the audience. Then follows a panel debate on the future of Norwegian Wikipedia versions, moderated by Torgeir Waterhouse (ICT-Norway). After the debate, there are four contributions on experts on Wikipedia, by Mona Solvoll (BI), Øystein Eiring (Helsebiblioteket), Erlend Bjørtvedt (Telenor) and Lars Roede (Oslo City Museum), followed by a sum-up exercise. During the whole day, there are editing classes organized by Ulf Larsen.


    Tuesday, March 22

    Program for GoOpen participants only:

    0940-1010 - Erik Möller (Wikimedia Foundation), Keynote address: Wikipedia as a success story
    1140-1550 - Ulf Larsen (Wikimedia Norway), Open editing classes
    1600-1730 - Dinner

    Wikipedia Academy program starts:

    1730-2000 - Wikimedia Norway: Wiki meetup with surprises
    2000-2100 - Informal panel debate at Communities in Action (Simon Phipps, Erik Möller, Walter Bender, Allison Randal, Dag Asheim and Jonas Öberg. Moderator: Johannes Brodwall)

    Wednesday, March 23

    1040-1520 - Ulf Larsen (Wikimedia Norway), Open editing courses
    0900-0930 - Wikimedia Norway: Welcome and introduction
    • Strategy session (in english) - «Ten more years! - where do we go from here»
    0930-1020 - Erik Möller (Wikimedia Foundation), Our Strategy 2011-2015
    1030-1100 - Speedy speeches: My challenges ahead for Wikipedia
    Haakon Wium Lie (Opera Software), Mona Solvoll (Handelshøyskolen BI), Heidi Nordby Lunde (Vampus)
    Short commentaries and questions from the audience
    • Debate session (norwegian) - «Where do the Norwegian Wikipedia editions go the next five years?»
    Wikimedia Foundation's aim is to treble the number of articles, double the number of contributors, and double the proportion of women, by the end of 2015. How do we do our part of the job?
    1110-1200 - Torgeir Waterhouse (moderator), Panel debate on the future of Norwegian Wikipedia
    • Expert session (norwegian) - Eksperts on Wikipedia, eduction or collaboration?
    1210-1230 - Mona Solvoll (lecturer, BI), The role of administrators on Wikipedia
    1230-1320 - Lunch
    1320-1355 - Øystein Eiring (psychiatrist, The Health Library) and Runar Eggen, Doctor and patient in peaceful co-existence
    1400-1420 - Erlend Bjørtvedt (vice president, Telenor), Wikipedia for the Information Department
    1430-1510 - Lars Roede (Oslo Bymuseum), Museums, architects and archives gather on Wikipedia
    1510-1530 - Plenary sum-up exercise
    1700 - Dinner with contributors and speakers


    Register in the following way:

    • Send name and mail adress to:
    • Pay 100/200 nok of member, or 200/400 nok to bank account 1503 08 00866
    • Registration deadline:: Monday, March 21 (seat and lunch guaranteed)

    Attendence fee covers free lunch and program at GoOpen and Wikipedia Academy on Wednesday, March 23:

    • March 22, 1730-2100: Free (free as in beer).
    • March 23, incl lunch: Members nok 100/200 for student/other. Non-members nok 200/400 for student/other.
    Membership in Wikimedia Norway costs nok 100 for students and nok 200 for others.

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