Annual plan 2023–2024

Fra Wikimedia Norge
Denne siden er en oversatt versjon av siden Årsplan 2023–2024/Handlingsplan og oversettelsen er 100 % ferdig.

This plan was passed by the Wikimedia Norge Board of Directors 25.01.2023 and by the Annual General Assembly 04.02.2023. The plan is also available as a reader-friendly PDF file.

2023-2024 plan for Wikimedia Norge

Implementation of strategy

Wikimedia Norge (WMNO) is about to pass a new five-year strategic plan, which will be a guide for our annual plans and operations in that period. If we are to reach our strategic goals, long-term efforts and priorities of activities are required. We can’t fight all battles at once. In 2023–2024 we will make sure that our day-to-day operations are well-run, and we’ll work on minor projects in line with our mission statement, while we increase our efforts within the following areas:

  1. Wiki community meeting places
  2. To recruit and follow up on members and Wikimedia projects volunteers
  3. Start to develop wiki training for high school and/or university level programs
  4. Communications work
  5. To strengthen small under-represented languages in the Wikimedia projects, beginning with Wikipedia in Northern Sámi

The work areas are intertwined. 1)-3) can stimulate membership growth, and recruitment efforts will be part of all settings where we meet potential members. At the same time, point 4) is a prerequisite to gain support for what we do – we need a more visible public profile. We need to engage with more people. When we work on international language challenges within the Wikimedia movement, it’s closely connected to our Sámi wiki work in 1)-3). We are the national Wikimedia chapter of Norway. We share our experiences internationally, and at the same time we learn and develop by receiving impulses from the global movement.

So, we focus on some of our strategic goals, and we work towards them with the help of the activities and goals described in our annual plan. Before our next annual plan is formulated, we will evaluate our activities and results. This allows us to adjust our bearings annually within the five-year strategic plan.

Strategic goal 2023-2028:

To support and strengthen the community of members and volunteers and readers of the Wikimedia projects.

Annual Plan 2023–2024
Activity Goal
Wiki meetups in Oslo and at least two other cities, hosted by volunteers or WMNO:
  • 12 wiki meetups - academic content or social get-together
  • WikiNobel
  • 11 wiki lunch breaks
  • Evaluation shows a high degree of participant satisfaction.
  • At least 30 participants attend a wiki meetup for the first time.
Organise a members’ meeting in august 2023, where an annual plan progress update is given. To strengthen WMNO as an organisation governed by its members.
Organise the Annual General Assembly first quarter of 2024. 50 % increase compared to 2023 in the number of members that attend the AGA.
Host a Wikipedia Kickstart session every first Wednesday of the month. The participants are introduced to the function for contacting a mentor and the suggested edits feed on the Wikipedia home page.

Wikipedia Kickstart group sessions can also be offered to partners, public entities and others.

  • To recruit at least three mentors that can host Wikipedia Kickstart sessions.
  • A total of at least 50 participants this period.
  • Half of the participants are active editors [1] on Wikipedia for at least one month.
Offer membership benefits to help recruit more members. Low membership fees make the benefits available to anyone.

Wikigrants (travel grants)

Very few have applied to receive our openly available Wikigrants, and no attempt has been made to measure the impact of the awarded grants. By restricting the grants to cover travel expenses for our members, we can enable people that contribute to our work to take part in national or international Wikimedia movement meetings and conferences. Potential events might be:

  • Wikimedia Hackathon 2023, May, Athens.
  • The Wikimedia Europe Annual General Assembly, June, Prague.
  • Wikimania 2023, August, Singapore.
  • Wikimedia Youth Conference, host: WikiVibrance, unknown date, Alicante.
  • WikiNobel and other wiki meetups.
  • WMNO members’ meeting and Annual General Assembly.

Atekst news archive from Retriever

This costly service has only been available to six users for six months at a time. We can turn it into an attractive membership benefit for a higher number of users if we take actions to limit unwarranted use.

  • Three volunteers have represented WMNO internationally.
  • Five volunteers have received a travel grant that enabled them to attend a wiki meetup or a WMNO meeting.

Members get access to Atekst when they need it for research.

Quantified goals

The measures described above can help us reach quantified goals for members and groups of volunteers on Wikipedia. Many activities will be open to anyone, but some will be offered to or marketed towards specific target audiences. The current numbers are listed in the 2022 Annual Report.


Annual growth of approximately 40 %.

31 December 2023: 70 members

30 June 2024: 85 members

A consistent growth rate throughout the five-year strategic period would yield the following results:

Wikipedia enthusiasts by the end of 2023:

Editors, administrators and patrollers

  • Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk: 5 % increase
  • Northern Sámi: Twice as many editors and administrators. 5 patrollers.


  • Norwegian Bokmål: 8
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: 2
  • Northern Sámi: 2

Some mentors will be able to contribute to more than one language version.

Gender balance improvement:

50/50 gender balance amongst enthusiasts recruited as a result of WMNO activities.

Strategic goal 2023-2028:

To be a professional non-profit organisation that strives for healthy finances, active membership coordination and good long-term plans.

Annual Plan 2023–2024
Activity Goal
Enable WMNO to qualify as a recipient of tax-deductible donations. Increase of unrestricted revenues.
Encourage gifts in wills.
Systematic efforts that enable us to apply for state funding.
Strategic goal 2023-2028:

To be a visible and attractive partner for relevant parts of GLAM (particularly libraries, archives and museums), the educational sector, the authorities and civil society in general.

Annual Plan 2023–2024
Activity Goal
40 % of a staff position is set aside for communications work, and communication efforts are developed. 25 % increase compared to 2022 for
  • Norwegian news media coverage
  • Facebook and Instagram reach, i.e., the number of individuals that see our content
  • Page views on

30 % of our newsletter recipients click to read part of the content.

Project design autumn 2023: Wiki into education

To prepare a project that aims to develop and introduce one or more digital teaching aids. Subject areas: Source criticism, digital etiquette and open knowledge sharing in the Wikimedia projects.

  • Establish formal collaborations with relevant partners
  • Define our target group based on high school curriculums and/or curriculums for higher education prep courses or programs
  • Project design and planning
  • Advocacy efforts to gain support for the project from the educational sector, the ministry and directorate and funders.
To secure funding and other resources needed to implement a one- or multi-year project led by a full-time teacher or communicator.

Planned project start: the first half of 2024.

Strategic goal 2023-2028:

To play an active part in international wiki efforts.

Annual Plan 2023–2024
Activity Goal
20 % of a staff position is set aside for a Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub project. If WMNO is granted earmarked project funding, a temporary project hire could enable us to contribute more. To strengthen knowledge sharing in small, under-represented languages in the Wikimedia projects, including Northern Sámi.
Members and staff are stimulated to share their skills and take part in networking activities, on a day-to-day basis and at meetings or conferences. WMNO contributes to, and learns from, the global efforts for free and open knowledge sharing.
  1. An active editor makes at least five edits within a month.