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Festivalfoto under Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2018
Kongsberg Jazzfestival er en festival på Kongsberg i juli 2018. Jeg ønsker å fotografere artistene under konserter på festivalen. Til dette søker jeg om å få dekket reisekost fra Oslo til Kongsberg.


  • 1. juli 2018


  • 15. desember 2018


  • 4000 kroner

opprettet 2. februar 2018


I am an active Wikipedian that have contributed to Commons and the Norwegian projects for several years. Since I've started contributing I've donated 2.000 photographs to Commons, of which 2.000 photographs are portraits of bands and musicians.

The last few years my main area for contributions have been quality portraits of notable people and artists for Commons. I have covered events, festivals and concerts in Oslo through cooperation with institutions, venues, festivals, artists and artist management. Many of the artists are of international interest and the project has reach outside the Norwegian wikiprojects. This was also a subject of a GLAM Newsletter and two Wikimedia Grants.

I intend to photograph concerts at Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2018. This is a festival of high quality that attracts artists that are notable for articles in Wikipedia. The artists are usually Norwegian jazz musicians, or international bands with broad appeal.

The goal of the project is to:

  1. add high-quality content to Commons and illustrate musician's biographies at various Wikipedia-projects
  2. advocate for free content, encourage photographers and communication staff to release content on free licenses
  3. networking with management and communication directors of festivals for future projects


  • Apply for photo accreditation to the festivals and concert organisers (with support from Wikimedia Norge)
  • Attend the music festivals and photograph artists. Network with other photographers and artists and festival management
  • Use social media accounts of Wikimedia chapter organizations to showcase the project (like Wikimedia Norge)
  • Post-process, add metadata and upload photographs to Commons
  • Write a report and present the result to the festivals and artists


  • Leiebil, 3 dager: 2500,-
  • Drivstoff, parkering og bompenger: 1200,-
  • Sum: kroner 3700,-

Alternativt budsjett (ved lokal overnatting):

  • Hotel: 3x 1200 kroner = 3600 kroner
  • Tog Oslo-Kongsberg: 400 kroner
  • Sum: 4000 kroner