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Application for travel fund in order to attend HACK4NO / Hack4Norway
Ghost Cities 2 - Creative reuse of Norwegian archives within domain of creative mapping and exploring OSM data.

Ghost Cities 1- a prototype of Helsinki was created using point cloud data map and open street map data, by a team of 3 programmers and one designer at a VR hackathon this year.

The ghost city is under development and we plan to integrate OSM information to build metadata on the VR info.

At this point, its hard to define what will be a expectation I can fulfil, except I am an experienced wild card entry in several heritage hackathons and make the best of the materials and the people I work with, and have consistently strived for continuity in my projects.

My main idea is to participate in heritage related material for the hackathon, akin to HackforFi events.

However, Since the theme is closely wiki mapping related, one idea is to team up with a geodata specialist, and then somehow being able to add metadata and storytelling content to a project done pervasively, such as the VR map and take the hackathon project to a new level.

On september 21, I am participating in a red cross event around OSM (mapathon) and humanitarian approach to participatory mapping. I have some experience in participatory GIS mapping and since wikimedia stakeholders are part of the event, I would like to combine creative ideas with specialists in humanitarian mapping within some Nordic open GIS open geography community such as

I hope I am not entirely useless to HACK4NO.
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  • 27. oktober 2016


  • 30. oktober 2016


  • Finnair outbound average = 70€ + inbound average = 70€ = 140 € = 1,296.06 NOK

1,296.06 NOK flights Helsinki-Oslo-Helsinki and Helsinki public transport 10.00 EUR = 92.58 NOK train Helsinki central-Helsinki Vantaa airport-Helsinki central 660 NKR bus Oslo airport-Hønefoss-Oslo airport 530 NKR hotel at Hønefoss for one night (27th, Oct.) / optionally I can find a couch sharing or tenting place (then its 0 NKR) 0 sleeping in classroom at Hønefoss for two nights (27-29th, Oct.) 1966 NKR in total and if accommodation at hotel is best and only way, then 1966 + 530 = 2496 NKR

opprettet 15. september 2016


I am extremely passionate about creative reuse of archives with strong research interests in the area. I have been an active participant of HACK4FINLAND sessions since its inception, experimenting with various approaches. I have a deep connection to architectures, museums, heritage of any city or village since a child.

Here is a link to a section of my online portfolio, that deals with archive materials. Two of the first examples in the link above are examples of creative reuse of archive material in the HACK4FINLAND hackathons.

Back in 2007 I sampled hundreds of Indian film scores from historical archives and realigned it to create a universal sound scorer - based on Jungian archetypes.

Since then I have always found interest in combining artefacts from the past, that have not been compressed and diluted or distorted from the market forces leading to today - and preserves spirit or essence in some way that adds aura to a proper remix.

My first attempt to remix archives

Also this year I am one of 13 artists this year as part of the professional Swedish speaking theater field, and believe this hackathon would be a very valuable networking for me being from India with artists from Norway!

I am a designer and currently in talks with the national public broadcasting corporation YLE to be able to officially reuse their cultural archives in order to develop a concept that explores Finland's shared identities with her neighbours such as Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway. Our first brainstorm session starts next week and I believe this event will be perfect timing in the natural course of artistic events around the them of geopolitics, GIS data and most importantly, the creative reuse of archives.


To attend the shadow wikidata and GISevent of 27th October, the main Hack 4 Norway competition on 28th October - 29th October 2016 and flying back on 2nd November from OSLO.

During the Hackathon I would like to work with a Norwegian geodata specialist to see how we can work together to merge archives with geodata that in new emerging, immersive spaces such as Virtual Reality. The same concept is being used to create possible prototype experiences with YLE, the Finnish public broadcaster. Ambitiously speaking, a successful outcome from both hackathons could find its way in both the Norwegian and Finnish museums.

The shadow event of Nordic open geo/map data meetup on 27th October 2016 would most likely facilitate this.

Intention is to combine coding, design and art skills to create something real and tangible at the end of the hackathon starting with GIS open data from Norway. I hopefully look forward to a scholarship that would help me to get to a legendary country like Norway.