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Traveling to Open Geo Data Meetup and hack4no
I will travel from Finland to Norway to join Open Geo Data Meetup and #hack4no. In the meetup I lead the humanitarian mapping part and I will also create prototype application for #hack4no.


  • 26. oktober 2016


  • 30. oktober 2016


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opprettet 15. september 2016


I am planning to join Open Geo Data Meetup (27th Oct. 2016) in Hønefoss, Norway to lead the Humanitarian talk and discussion part. The plan is to discuss and start collaboration between Wikimedia and humanitarian mapping parties in Nordic countries. The planning document that includes ideas for the collaboration is here:

Also, I would be joining the #hack4no hackathon in Hønefoss (28-29th Oct. 2016). The planned #hack4no prototype implementation is for the Geodata category and main idea is as follows:

Mobile application that has functionality related both to Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap. While walking outside, user is presented with a map of the surrounding area. The UI includes functionality to take photographs of the interesting objects and to send them with other relevant information such as location to Wikipedia and/or Wikidata. Also, some kind of functionality to add information utilizing the Kartographer Mediawiki extension is to be included. The prototype also provides functionality to add this Mediawiki information to the surrounding OpenStreetMap objects via Wikidata keys and Wikipedia keys. Finally, the user can also see other open geo data made available in the specific Nordic country where the user is on the map.


The protoype implementation is based on web technologies (possibly ionic framework), so it can be used on wide variety of mobile devices. The implementation will be ready to publish in the #hack4no hackathon.

Wiki Scholarship if granted will cover the costs of traveling from Tampere, Finland to Open Geo Data Meetup (Oct. 2016) in Hønefoss, Norway and attending also the #hack4no hackathon.

My estimated costs are:

Expenses in NOK Description
2900 flights Tampere-Oslo-Tampere[1]
650 taxi Tampere-airport-Tampere[2]
660 bus Oslo airport-Hønefoss-Oslo airport[3]
530 hotel at Hønefoss for one night (26-27th, Oct.)[4]
0 sleeping in classroom at Hønefoss for two nights (27-29th, Oct.)
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