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Project:Northern Sami

Fra Wikimedia Norge
Denne siden er en oversatt versjon av siden Prosjekt:Samisk kunnskap på nett/2017–2020 og oversettelsen er 75 % ferdig.

Prosjekt:Samisk kunnskap på nett/2017–2020/en
Norske samer. Foto: Karin Beate Nøsterud/norden.org
Norske samer. Foto: Karin Beate Nøsterud/norden.org
Norske samer. Foto: Karin Beate Nøsterud/norden.org
Status Aktivt
Start Juli 2017
Contact Jon Harald Søby (WMNO)
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This is the project page for Wikimedia Norge's Northern Sami project 2017–2020. Wikimedia Norge has started a project to improve the Northern Sami-language Wikipedia and get more Sami content to the Wikimedia projects. The Northern Sami Wikipedia currently has around 7,400 articles, which is very good for such a small language, but the problem is that very few people contribute to it. We wish to change that, but we can't do it alone!

Our goal is to improve the Northern Sami Wikipedia to make it a thriving and continually updated project. For that we need volunteer contributors who know Northern Sami.

If you know Northern Sami and think this sounds interesting, but don't know where to begin? Then we would love to get in touch with you (wikimedia@wikimedia.no)! The same also goes if you don't know Northern Sami, but are still interested in it, e.g. if you represent a potential partner, or even if you are just a private citizen interested in the subject.


The project's goals are twofold:

  • Increasing and improving the coverage of Sami topics on Wikimedia projects in general
  • Increasing the activity on the Northern Sami Wikipedia in particular

Progress plan

This project started in 2017 and is planned to last until July 2020:

Phase 1
Finding partners amongst volunteers and institutions with good knowledge of Sami language, history and cultural heritage
  • Building alliances with cultural and educational institutions and relevant international networks
  • Get in touch with former and current contributors to the Northern Sami Wikipedia, hold survey (phab:T182089)
  • Participate in conferences to promote the project, build networks and learn from the work of others on small and indigenous language Wikipedias.
  • Translate the bylaws, website and information material into Northern Sami.
  • Reach out to Wikimedia chapters in Sweden, Finland and Russia to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Phase 2
Adding content to various Wikimedia projects in cooperation with volunteers and partners
  • Upload data on places with Sami placenames from the Norwegian mapping authorities (phab:T185578)
  • Upload the Sami bibliography from the National Library of Norway (phab:T184436)
  • Uploading images and sound recordings from the Riddu Riđđu and Márkomeannu festivals

Phase 3
Supporting contributors, both volunteers and institutions
  • Being a proponent of the Northern Sami Wikipedia adopting various technical tools that make editing easier
  • Organizing an international Sami writing contest
  • Organizing workshops in cooperation with Samisk hus in Oslo and the Sami University in Kautokeino

Advisory group

Some of the members from The Sami Advisory Board at Wikimania 2018

We have collected a group of Wikimedians and others from smaller projects and minority-language projects that can advise us on the project. The group consists of:


Presentation at Wikimania

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