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General assembly 2017/Annual report 2016

Fra Wikimedia Norge
Denne siden er en oversatt versjon av siden Årsmøte 2017/Årsmelding 2016 og oversettelsen er 100 % ferdig.

Annual report 2016

At the general assembly on 7 April 2016, this board was elected for Wikimedia Norge:

  • Hogne Neteland: chairperson
  • Guro Faller: deputy chairperson
  • Trond Trosterud: treasurer
  • Andrea Tiltnes: board member
  • Harald Groven: board member
  • Tore Sætre: board member

These members were elected for the audit committee:

  • Trygve Nodeland
  • Espen Granli
  • Erlend Bjørtvedt

The following members were elected for the electoral committee:

  • Ole Anders Flatmo
  • Helge Høifødt
  • Ida Scott

The elected auditor was Stokke revisjon. For health reasons, our auditor Jan Martin Øverland has transferred his business to Bent Wessel Eide at Plus Revisjon AS.

Board work

Wikimedia Norge celebrating Wikipedia's 15th birthday in January 2017, and the chairperson presented the organization's new strategy. The presentations are available on YouTube.

In this period Wikimedia Norge has held 7 board meetings. In the last general assembly, the board promised to hold fewer but better board meetings. Since this there have been three board meetings, where all have been in-person meetings. These have been better and more productive than before.

The board has been working by Wikimedia Norge's strategy for 2016–2020.

Wikimedia Norge participated in the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in April 2016, where the theme was what kind of impact we as chapters can have on the liberation of knowledge. We also participated in Wikimania 2016 in Italy, where we supported Gustavo Góngora-Coloubintsef's presentation, and were selected as the second "coolest" project at one event where we presented our Nobel Prize project.

Several board members have participated in wiki meetups this period. One board member has held a course at the University of Tromsø for doctorate students about Wikipedia and dissemination of knowledge: https://prezi.com/ddvzmjiwham1/wikipedia-til-forskningsformidling/ and held a presentation at a conference at the Rogaland County Library about how to use Wikipedia to strengthen digital proficiency: http://www.rogfk.no/Arrangementer/Digital-kompetanse .

The board is satisfied that the organization has an updated member registry, the possibility to become a member on our new website, wikimedia.no, and that there is an increase in the number of paying members. The board still feels this work can be continued and that the organization's potential is bigger than what we have been able to materialize. The board is very satisfied with the work that is done by the administration. The board thinks the collaboration between the board, the administration and the volunteer audit and electoral committees has worked well in 2016.

Wikimedia Norge's work

In 2016 we have worked a lot on bringing forward initiatives together with volunteers. This work will continue in 2017.

7 wikigrants were granted in 2016, 3 applications were denied. From 2016 we've joined in supporting The Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU every year.

We have participated in and organized several contests through the year. We participated in the Europeana 280 Art History Challenge. Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 was conducted as a writing and photo contest. Our www.wikimedia.no/category/blogg/ has entries about the contributions and the jury's deliberations. The weekly contest from November 14th to December 11th was Armenia, and a correspending contest was held on the Armenian-language Wikipedia. A jury of 4 people was put together. The jury's feedback was published on the top 10 articles' talk pages, and the contest was written about in our blog and the Wikimedia Foundation's blog.

We have also been the main organizer or co-organizer of several weekly contests on Wikipedia. Weekly contests have been sponsored with prizes from the Research Concil of Norway, the Nobel Peace Center, the Noregian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the National Museum and the National Library. We have also sponsored several prizes when asked to do so by contributors.

Wikipedia editing courses have been held for companies, organizations and universities. Wikipedia education at the University of Oslo, in cooperation with the subject Historieformidling for masterstudenter ("History dissemination for master students"). We have translated the Wiki Education Foundation's Dashboard into Norwegian for using in courses like this. This is a useful tool for us.

We organized one workshop during the Research Days (No. Forskningsdagene) abotu limitless learning. #Wikinobel was organized in the fall, and 4 contributors and 2 employees moved the office to the Nobel Peace Center that day. Wikimedia Norge has for some time been in touch with the University of Oslo, the department of the Norwegian Folklore Collection and Norgeshistorie.no. The former hired Wikipedia contributor Ida Scott for a short contractor position in 2016.

The monthly editing sessions for women at Kulturhuset had few participants, but still got a lot of attention in social media. After an evaluation in the spring we decided to continue working on the gender imbalance on the wiki projects in different ways. Some ways this was done was holding courses for the organization Women in Film and Television (WIFT) at the Oslo Public Library. On October 27th Wikimedia Norge organized a discussion at the Oslo Public Library's Folkeverkstedet ("The People's Workshop") together with WIFT and the magazine Fett. This work is something the press has been interested in covering, resulting in news articles and interviews throughout the year.

The Citation Hunt tool was translated into Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk and used for the #1lib1ref campaign (Norwegian: #faktajakt). 6 accesses to Retriever were distributed between contributors for the 7th November 2016 to 7th May 2017 period, and will be dispersed again every six months. 5 accesses to bokhylla.no for users with foreign IP addresses were also distributed. We also applied for accreditation for contributors for a number of concerts, festivals, conferences, general assemblies and other events. The regular wiki meetups at Litteraturhuset ("the House of Literature") are organized by volunteer contributors, but we cover their expenses.

Wikimedia Norge has participated in a number of conferences during 2016. Twe employees participated in the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. We participated in Digitaliseringsdagen ("the Day of Digitalization") at the National Archives and in Forskningsdagene ("the Science Days") in the discussion Kildekritikk i en digital tid ("Media literacy in a digital age"). Two contributors got travel scholarships to attend Wikimania, and we also had one employee and the chair and deputy chair attend. We participated in the Nordic Open Geodata Gathering, #hack4no at Hønefoss and K-lab's conference Mulighetenes rom ("the Room of Opportunities").

Employees / Frivillighetshuset

As a result of increased support for a Community Manager position from the Wikimedia Foundation, this position was announced during the summer of 2016. On August 22nd Jon Harald Søby was hired in for a 40 % position. His place of work is Trondheim. The organization currently has three employees in 1.7 full time positions. In the long term we should work to make these positions full-time positions, so that vacations and illness won't make the organization unable to fulfill its duties as an employer, and as a partner for non-profit and institutional collaborators.

During 2016 we have received 4 interns from Oslo and Akershus University College (HIOA), of which two didn't show up. The other two have been valuable additions to the office. HIOA compensate those who receive interns with NOK 750. The interns are not paid.

Frivillighetshuset in Kolstadgata 1 has been undergoing rehabilitation this fall. The rehabilitation has led to a lot of noise, dust and shutting off the water, etc., which has led to poor working conditions. The work has been finished. On 14th of April Hafslund held a revision of the health, environment and safety (HMS) work with regards to the law about electricity supervision. The Executive Director has gone through an obligatory HMS course for executive directors, and an HMS handbook has been made for the organization. Fire instructions for the organization have also been created and delivered to the landlord at Kolstadgata 1.


We have a stable economy, and see a potential for increased personal contributions. The share of personal contributions has had a substantial increase, which can mostly be attributed to the new website's donate solution and the fact that we started using Vipps. Budget and quarter reports have been shared on our wiki.

The cooperation with the Melings online store has been terminated. We had outstanding payments to Wikimedia from 2014 to 2016 which have been transfered to us.

Next year we need to consider paying for a CRM solution that can send emails, generate member lists, etc. These tasks are still done my hand. Wikimedia Norge had 70 paying members in 2016. We are registered in the Register of Non-Profit Organizations, and will apply to get a VAT refund annually. The first application was granted and money refunded in November.

In the application to the Wikimedia Foundation on the 1st of April 2016, we applied for NOK 1,850,000. We received NOK 1,610,000. This led to a revised budget, and some projects needed to be shelved. In comparison, we received NOK 1,230,000 in 2015.


In 2016 we have worked on improving our communication channels, both in Norwegian and in English. In 2017 we will create a communication plan.

The search portal Wikipedia.no has gotten a new layout, made by a volunteer contributor. On-wiki newsletters have been created, which are also delivered by email.

A new website has been created, wikimedia.no, which addresses those who don't know Wikimedia Norge, and includes contact forms, membership forms, donation forms and information about who we are. It has been fully translated into Norwegian Nynorsk and English. The website will get more content throughout 2017.

A user survey targeting active contributors was conducted between the 16th of November and the 1st of December 2016. It was announced using CentralNotice, emails and newsletters. The results have been published on Meta-Wiki in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and English, meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Norge/Brukerundersøkelse_2016. The survey gives us an important foundation for what we should focus on in 2017 and gives us pointers for our next application for the WMF.

In these reports you can find details about our work in 2016: