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Safe space policy

Fra Wikimedia Norge
Denne siden er en oversatt versjon av siden Retningslinjer for inkluderende møter og oversettelsen er 100 % ferdig.

Why is a safe space policy needed?

The "space" in safe space policy is meant to entail meetings and meeting places, both real-life and online, that are organized by Wikimedia Norge. Wikimedia Norge wants to offer an inclusive meeting environment free from harassment, and meetings are to be characterised by a mutual respect for each other's different perspectives. The partal or complete absence of larger and smaller groups in the editing community is a sign that necessary pespectives are also absent. The work to include different people and perspectives therefore gives us an opportunity to realise Wikimedia Norge's vision. Wikimedia Norge also follows the Universal Code of Conduct, which apply to all Wikimedia organizations and projects.

Do you have questions about this policy or an issue you want to address? Please contact the Executive Director of Wikimedia Norge or another representative from the organization, if you prefer. You can find an overview of all board members on this page: Board. You can find an overview of the organization's staff on this page: Staff. The organization also has an Audit Committee: Audit Committee

How do we include each other?

  • We appreciate everyone's participation
  • We do not tolerate any attacks on or harassment of meeting participants
  • Sexually explicit language or imagery do not belong in meetings, conferences or presentations
  • We expect all participants to follow these guidelines at meeting places and meetings

What is harassment?

By harassment we mean unpleasant remarks related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, looks, body size, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation etc. Sexually explicit imagery in public settings, intimidating behaviour, stalking, disturbing photographing and inappropriate advances are also regarded as harassment.

Handling harassment

If you feel harassed or witness others being harassed, or if you have any other concerns, you should get in touch with the organizers of the event as soon as you can. They will gladly assist with getting in touch with security or police, escort you or the offender somewhere else, or otherwise assist those who feel unsafe to feel safe for the rest of the event. Participants who are asked stop their harassing behaviour are expected to do so immediately. If a participant is harassing someone, the organizer(s) may use the means they deem necessary to stop this behaviour, including warning the offender or excluding them.