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    About the board

    Wikimedia Norge work is align wit the Strategy 2018–2022. According to the bylaws, the board consists of between five and nine members and up to three deputy members. The board can be reached at the e-mail address The board has at least four board meetings per year.

    We welcome all ideas and suggestions! You can contact us by e-mail or on our user talk pages.

    The board work is regulated by the board governance handbook. You can read the bylaws, where you will find Wikimedia Norge's mission statement. Wikimedia Norge also has a control committee and an election committee that both work according to their own guidelines.

    You can read about Wikimedia Norge's work in our quarterly reports.

    Board of Wikimedia Norge (2022–)

    Marie Nicolaisen, Sunnfjord. Chairman of the Board, elected for the period 2022–2024. Nicolaisen is a cultural historian and works as a museum director at Sunnfjord Museum / Museums in Sogn og Fjordane. She has broad organizational experience from the voluntary cultural life. Bilde Marie
    Stian Amadeus Antonsen, Oslo. Board member, elected for the term 2021–2022. Antonsen has lots of experience from different civil society organisations og works as a political advisor in Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH). He is dedicated to Diversity and inclusion and wants everyone to have the opportunity to take part in knowledge production an dissemination. Wikimedia Wikimedia Stian Antonsen2.jpg
    Sigrun Espe, Leikanger. Board member, elected for the 2022–2024 term. Espe has many years of organizational experience from non-profit organizations, both as chair and board member. She works as a Specialist Coordinator at the Municipal Archives in Vestland County. She uses and edits Wikipedia both on her spare time and as part of her job, mostly on Nynorsk Wikipedia and some in Bokmål Wikipedia. Wikimedia Norge Sigrun Espe 3.jpg
    Trond Trosterud, Tromsø. Treasurer, elected for the 2021–2023 term. Trosterud is an experienced Wikipedian in the Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia, and is an administrator in the Wikipedias in Nynorsk and Northern Sami. He is a professor of Sami language technology at the University of Tromsø, and was a board member of the Language Council of Norway 2010-2019. Trond-kuva.png
    Fredrik Ljone, Bergen. Board member, elected for the term 2021–2023. Ljone is dedicated to sharing knowledge, open data and rule of law. He has taken the initiativ to make the law more accessible for all through the online projects and Portrett.jpg
    Naomi Ichihara Røkkum, Oslo. Deputy member, elected for the period 2022–2023. Ichihara Røkkum is a politician for the Liberal Party, and has also held a number of positions in voluntary organizations and participated in various UN meetings. She works as the general manager of Construction City Cluster. Bilde Naomi
    Mali Konstad Brødreskift, Bærum (representative from the staff). Brødreskift is an employee at Wikimedia Norge with the title Diversity Manager. Wikimedia Norge Mali Brødreskift 2.jpg

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