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Before each board meeting the staff of Wikimedia Norge makes a summary of their work on this page

Board meeting 23 February 2017


  • The results of the user survey that was conducted before Christmas have been published on Meta in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and English.
  • Our website,, has been translated into Norwegian Nynorsk and English.
  • The translation tool has been installed on our wiki.
  • Our semiannual report has been sent to the Wikimedia Foundation, and can be read here.
  • We have sent an application to Unesco for a project.
  • Newsletters have been sent out via email and on-wiki. Emails have been sent to all members from 2016 with a reminder to pay their membership fees for 2017.
  • The premises for the 2017 general assembly in Trondheim and the wiki meetup on 24th–25th of March have been reserved. The program with registration for those attending has been shared here.

Wikimedia Norge has participated in a workshop about linked data structures organized by the National Archive and NRK. We have participated in a two-day ED gathering about a new Wikimedia Foundation strategy in Lausanne and on a two-day GLAM-wiki meetup at Unesco in Paris.

Community and program work

  • A Wikipedia editing course has been held for Orkla employees.
  • #faktajakt (the Norwegian edition of #1lib1ref) was arranged in January/February with the intern from Osle and Akershus University College. Sabine Rønsen was our intern for five weeks. Read her blog post about #faktajakt here. An article written about us in Bibliotekaren about #faktajakt and reference use on Wikipedia can be read here.
  • Armenia contest: A blog post summarizing the competition can be read here. The jury's feedback on the top 10 contributions were published on their talk pages. The result can be read here.
  • A wiki meetup at the House of Literature was held on the 17th of January. We cover the expenses, but the meetup is organized by volunteer contributors. An employee and the intern participated and awarded the prize for the best contribution in the Armenia contest. The intern summarized the meetup on our blog, which can be read here.
  • Wikigrants: 2 applications have been received, which are under consideration.
  • Accreditation for Norge Bank, the bank manager's annual speech, was set up for a contributor, and the result and the work with identifying the guests can be followed here.
  • By request we have sponsored prizes for two weekly contests, one about sources and one about the Oscars and the World Ski Championships.
  • We have translated the Wiki Education Foundation Dashboard into Norwegian for use in courses. We have tested it with the intern, and will start using it during the next few weeks at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the University of Oslo and at NTNU.
  • Together with 3 contributors we will organize Wiki Loves Earth from the 1st to the 31st of May.
  • We are participating in the Europeana 1914–1918 challenge, and will arrange a number of activities in collaboration with institutions connected to this epoch.

All events we organize or participate in are announced on Wikimedia Norge's Facebook page.

Board meeting 26 November 2016


  • New homepage is up
  • Wiki-newsletters is created and you can sign up for those here
  • User Survey is running from November 16th to December 1st, 2016. It is advertised via sitenotice, email and newsletters.
  • Wikimedia Norway's annual impact report was delivered on September 28th, 2016 and can be read here.
  • Wikimedia Norway's statement on next year's funding application to the Foundation was delivered on November 1st, 2016 and can be read here. We ask to be considered for 2-year support from 2017.
  • Executive director has taken mandatory safety courses for managers.
  • An HSE handbook has been prepared for the organization.
  • A fire instruction have been prepared for the organization and delivered to sublets and main landlord in Kolstadgata 1.

Wikimedia Norway has participated in Nordic open geodata gathering, # hack4no in Hønefoss and K-Lab's conference "Mulighetenes rom" - erfaringskonferanse.

Frivillighetshuset in Kolstadgata 1 is this autumn under reconstruction. The rebuilding has caused a lot of noise, dust and shutting off water etc., which has led to poor working conditions. This will be followed up by us and other tenants, with the main landlord.

Community and program work

All events we organize or attend is advertised on Wikimedia Norway's facebook page.

Board meeting September 22th 2016


  • The website has been redesigned by a volunteer. Thanks!
  • Wiki Mania: Two contributors received a travel stipend by us. The chairman, deputy chairman and one employee also participated. #wikinobel came among the top three in the competition Wikipedia coolest project.
  • New position: The position as Community Manager was announced this summer, and on August 22nd Jon Harald Søby was employed for a 40%-employment. He works from Trondheim.
  • Application for VAT compensation: We applied for 80,000 NOK and will have an answer in November.
  • Website: We are working on making a website that targets those who don't know Wikimedia Norge, with a contact form, membership form and info about us and about how to donate.
  • User survey: We are preparing a user survey to be held in the end of 2016. The survey will target contributors on Wikimedia projects.

We're increasingly being contacted by contributors who need help with borrowing equipment, getting accreditations, recommendations, covering expenses, etc. That makes us happy! This is an important part of our work.

Community and program work

  • Wikigrants: Application deadline 15 September
  • 5 accesses have been granted to contributors with foreign IP addresses. See the Wikipedia Library.
  • Access to Retriever (Atekst): 6 contributors have had free acces from 15 August till 15 September. We're working on getting a lasting agreement. See the Wikipedia Library.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments September 2016: We're organizing both a photo contest and a writing contest.
  • Cooperation with Wikimedia Armenia: In November there will be a four-week contest in cooperation with Wikimedia Armenia.
  • Wikipedia-undervisning på UiO: The collaboration with UiO continues with Wikipedia-lectures for masterstudents each semester
  • #wikinobel: This year explainer videos were also made by the SimpleShow Foundation. See [1].

Info on all events are shared on Wikimedia Norge's facebook-page