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Before each board meeting the staff of Wikimedia Norge makes a summary of their work on this page

Board meeting 20 February 2018

Community and program work

Safe space policy


  • A full-day course in Wikipedia editing was held at Åsane Community College in January.
  • On February 9 we held a course for 52 participants at the University of Oslo. One volunteer participated in order to learn how WMNO's employee handles these events.
  • On two Fridays in February, one employee and one volunteer have held Wikipedia editing courses for refugees in Gamle Oslo.

Bodil Biørn project
Wikimedia Norge has been granted an application for NOK 100,000 to make an image collection by Bodil Biørn available on Wikimedia Commons. Former intern Sabine Rønsen will transcribe the captions. The executive director will be travelling to Armenia in the start of May to meet with Wikimedia Armenia. On May 30th, Wikimedia Norge and the National Archive will invite Wikipedians to a collaboration on the captions. The project is being done in partnership with the National Archive and Wikimedia Armenia. You can read more about the grant here. The project can be followed on Phabricator.

Northern Sami project
A project page has been created on our wiki, and the project can be followed on Phabricator. The project is moving along as planned, and we are working on concretizing plans with partners and set up financing. In December, we participated at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage's gathering on Sami monuments, and had a meeting with the Sami language center Gáisi Giellaguovddáš. In February we were in Kautokeino and held meetings with the Sami University, the Sami Parliament, the Norwegian National Institution for Human Rights and the Sami Archive.

In addition to an agreement to participate at the festival Márkomeannu together with the Nordland County Library, we have also been granted a space at the Riddu Riđđu festival. Both are happening in July 2018.

We had an intern in the office for 6 weeks at the start of the year. She was working on a Wikidata project: the Sami Bibliography on Wikidata. We are in talks to see how/if we can further develop the internship program. We have told OsloMet that we can receive one student in May/June.


  • Communication measurement for the previous term
  • In January 2018, the employees have rewritten our Annual Plan Grant application from 1 April 2017, on request from WMF employees. The main rewriting work has been on the program section. Our progress report was deliveed to the Wikimedia Foundation on 2 February 2018. Our next APG application has a deadline on 1 April 2018, which means 23 March 2018 because of the Easter holiday.
  • The second payment from the Wikimedia Foundation was received on 14 February.
  • The annual accounting work is finished.
  • We have nominated one member for the Open Government Partnership in Norway.
  • Frivillighetshuset: There are problems with the systems for cooling, heating and ventilation in Kolstadgata 1. This year, the E.D. also holds the position as board chair of Frivillighetshuset, and needs to set aside some time for discussions in the Frivillighetshuset board and the landlord to solve these issues.
  • Se also the employees' annual plans going forward.

Board meeting 28 November 2017

Community and program work

  • 6 accesses to Retriever have been disseminated as part of the Wikipedia Library
  • 4 wikigrants have been approved by WMNO, all connected to diversity work.
  • 5 applications for photo accreditation have been sent and accepted for two volunteer photographers
  • 5 contributors have had travel expenses covered by WMNO
  • Wiki Loves Monuments was held in September 2017: The contest consisted of two parts – a photo contest lasting for one month, and a writing contest lasting for two weeks. The winners of the photo contest were announced at the end of October.
  • "Writing women into history", held during the Science Days on 21 September: Together with Hege Høsøien from the National Library and Merete Røstad from the National Academy of the Arts, we held a panel during the Science Days at the House of Culture in Oslo. There were about 80 attendees and a lot of good feedback and social media buzz. The event was also streamed.
  • Lecture at HIS4050 at UiO, 28 September: The subject "History Dissemination". 19 students participated, and the course is registered in the Education Dashboard.
  • 2–8 October we organized a writing contest in conjunction with the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Wikinobel at the Nobel Center, 6 October: In conjuncion with the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate we also held an editathon at the Nobel Center. We also wrote an opinion piece in Klassekampen about this subject.
  • On 23–29 October we organized a writing contest about publications in conjunction with the Open Access week.
  • Open Access event at UiO, 25 October: Introduction about quality control on Wikipedia during the UiO University Library's Open Access week, followed by an editathon. About 20 attendees, 7 attended the editathon. The Citation Hunt tool was sent to all university librarians afterwards.
  • Wikidata workshop 18 November: We held a workshop on advanced Wikidata tools for established contributors at Tøyen Startup Village. There were 12 participants who were all experienced Wikipedians. The feedback from the workshop was good.

Northern Sami Wikipedia

We have held meetings with the National Library, the National Archive, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the festival Márkomeannu and the Nordland County Library, Samisk hus in Oslo and Várdobáiki Sami Center about cooperation relating to the Northern Sami Wikipedia. Our GLAM work in 2018 will to a large degree be connected to Sami cultural heritage.

  • Hjemmesiden vår er blitt oversatt til nordsamisk.
  • A survey aimed at former and current contributors to the Northern Sami Wikipedia has been made, translated into Northern Sami and sent out to contributors.
  • We are working on putting together and international reference group with Wikimedians who are experienced working on small languages and small Wikipedias.
  • The native name of Northern Sami in the MediaWiki software has been changed from "sámegiella" (Sami) to "davvisámegiella" (Northern Sami). (phab:T156589)
  • The MediaWiki extension ArticlePlaceholder has been enabled on the Northern Sami Wikipedia. (phab:T179241; see example)

International work

  • We participated in WikidataCon, a conference for Wikidata contributors, held in Berlin in October.
  • We participated in a 2-day meeting for the Volunteer Supporters Network, held in Berlin in November. VSN is group of employees from various Wikimedia chapters working on supporting volunteers that was started to share experiences across borders.
  • We have participated in a 2-day partnership workshop in Berlin in November. The goal of the workshop was to reach a common understanding about cooperation to affect the work on phase 2 of the Wikimedia movement strategy.
  • Wikimedia Diversity Conference, Stockholm, 3–5 November: Astrid, Jorid and Sabine participated in the conference, that had 80 participants from all oer the world. The theme was diversity in Wikimedia projects when concerning cender, cultural background, language, etc. Before the conference we participated in the planning as well as financially. Sabine held a talk about her interviews with female Wikiedias. Skill sharing session: Resource Alocation. We were responsible for one of the parallell tracks during the conference together ith Afifa Afrin from Wikimedia Bangladesh and Katy Love and Marti Johnson from the Wikimedia Foundation. Afifa Afrin wrote a blog post about the conference on our blog.
  • On 6 November we were visited by three Wikimedians from Ghana who had been to the diversity conference in Stockholm.


  • Communication measurement for the last term.
  • The annual for 2017–2018 has been updated for the next six months.
  • The board and employees have had a strategy workshop facilitated by Frans Grijzenhout, board chair of Wikimedia Nederland.
  • A Letter of Intent has been delivered to the Wikimedia Foundation on 1 November, with the same amount as last year.
  • The application for the Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan Grant is to be delivered on 1 April (or 23 March because of the Easter holiday). Two things worth noting: There are more and better APG applications, and after round 1, which was finished on 1 November, the FDC wrote: "Now that the movement is deciding how to implement the new strategic direction, the FDC encourages future applicants to think about aligning their programs with this overall strategy."
  • Our accounts reflect the higher activity with travels and project work, and the number of expense reports have increased by about 30 % from the same time last year.
  • We have participated in several conferences and workshops in the previous term, like the Arts Council's annual conference on 9 November, where the subject was Sami culture, and K-lab's workshops on KulturNav and Transkribus.
  • There have been many travel and conference days during the term: 23 days from 15 September till 28 November.

Board meeting 15 September 2017

Community and program work

  • Bokhylla: Accesses for from foreign IPs have been disseminated.
  • Drone project: The project page can be read here. On this page you con see the media that has been uploaded as part of the project.
  • The Europeana 1914–1918 project was finished on July 31st.
  • Cooperation between Armenia and Norway: In June the Armenian winner of the Armenian-Norwegian writing contest visited Norway. During his visit he participated in the Europeana 1914–1918 workshop at the Arts Council, a tour of the National Archives, where we looked at materials from Bodil Biørn who was a midwife, nurse and missionary in Armenia, and went on a tour of the Munch museum with several Wikipedians. The Norwegian winner visited Armenia in July. A blog entry from his travel can be seen here. Wikimedia Armenia and Wikimedia Norge have agreed to cooperate further on writing contests and a possible collaboration on freeing archived material made by Bodil Biørn.
  • During June and July, former intern Sabine Rønsen worked here for her summer job. She was working on several projects related to Wikipedia's gender gap, including work on the Wikimedia Diversity Conference. A summary of interviews she made can be read here.
  • Celtic Knot Conference, Edinburgh: As a beginning of our Northern Sami Wikipedia project, three employees participated in the Celtic Knot conference in Edinburgh in July, where we organized a workshop. The theme of the conference was minority language Wikipedias.
  • Train the trainers, Edinburgh: Sabine Rønsen participated in this course and has agreed to hold three courses this fall on our behalf.
  • Wikimania: Two board members and one employee participated in Wikimania in Montréal in August. Amongst other things, they met with representatives of the FDC, which gave us good feedback on our work.
  • Festival photo, summer 2017: A volunteer contributor has been accredited to take photos at four festivals. This user also got a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation to cover travel costs.
  • The board of Wikimedia Norge has held a survey of political parties regarding Wikipedia and free licenses.
  • Newsletter: The newsletter was sent out on-wiki and by email on 1 September. In the newsletter one can read about activities in the upcoming months:
    • Wiki Loves Monuments 2017: The world's largest photo competition lasts through September, and there is a writing contest held in parallel for two weeks, during week 37 and 38.
    • Wiki meetup: On September 12th there was a wiki meetup about references at the House of Literature in Oslo. Ole Bjørn Rekdal lectured.
    • September 15: This is the deadline to apply for wikigrants from Wikimedia Norge.
    • September 16: Wiki-LAN, an editathon to increase the coverage of and participation from women in Wikipedia, is held at Musikkonservatoriet, Tromsø.
    • September 21: During the Oslo Science Days, Wikimedia Norge organizes the session Writing women into history
    • October 6: During the announcement of who will be this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a group of Wikipedians will be present at the Nobel Peace Center for #wikinobel to cover the prize and the laureate(s) in a good way.

All events we organize or participate in are announced on Wikimedia Norge's Facebook page.


  • We have put a new member system, CiviCRM, in place, and all members have been added to it.
  • Communication measurements for this period can be read here. Wikimedia Norge's communication plan is published here.
  • We have applied for VAT compensation and sent an application to the Arts Council. We have been granted a travel grant from the NUUG Foundation for 16,000 NOK.
  • Wikimedia Foundation have asked us to rewrite our application from 1 April 2017, so that they can get reports in their preferred structure.
  • Wikimedia Norge's annual report for the Wikimedia Foundation is due on September 28.
  • The vice chair and the ED have been working on preparing our 16–17 September strategy summit in Oslo.
  • The employees took their vacation time in July.
  • An employee has had a birth leave for 2 weeks.
  • Two employees have registered for an online Northern Sami course.

Board meeting 6 June 2017

Community and program work

  • We have agreed to hold a lecture at UiO's Historieformidling class the following autumn, and we're in touch with KHiO about continued collaboration
  • We have organized several weekly contests on Wikipedia.
  • Fra May 15 through June 15 the photo competition Wiki Loves Earth will be organized.
  • 6 accesses for Retriever were disseminated for the May–October period.
  • A wiki meetup was organized at Litteraturhuset by volunteers in May; the intern, Executive Director and Community Manager participated.
  • The winner of this winter's writing contest in collaboration with Wikimedia Armenia will visit Norway in June. Several activities are planned for this visit, e.g. a guided tour at the National Archive, the 22 July Centre and the Munch Museum.
  • On June 19 we will host a workshop at the Arts Council in collaboration with K-lab, with a guest from Europeana.
  • We're planning an event for the Science Days in September together with one or more partners.
  • The drone project has been started. See the project page.
  • For the first time we've helped import data fram an archive to Wikidata. The archive belongs to VID Specialized University and this list of missionaries has been imported: There is now a total of 827 Norwegian missionaries in Wikidata, of which 95 don't have an ID in MHS, which means there are 732 missionaries with an ID. Most of these don't have a Wikipedia article, but they now have plenty of data in Wikidata.
  • A volunteer was invited to take photos at Oslo Freedom Forum in June, and we're working to make them release their own photos under a free license. The Executive Director also got an invitation and took part in the event.

All events we organize or participate in are announced on our Facebook page.


  • Our application for funds was delivered to the Wikimedia Foundation on April 1, and we received the full amount we applied for. That means that starting 1 July 2017, Wikimedia Norge will have 2.4 full-time employees.
  • An application to UNESCO to organize Wiki Loves Earth was rejected.
  • Travel support from NUUG for Sabine Rønsen to go to a train-the-trainers event and Celtic Knot in Edinburgh was accepted.
  • The money for supporting FKAGEU was paid in June.
  • All employees and the board chair participated in the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in April.
  • Travels that are planned for the next six months are: Celtic Knot, Edinburgh, July; Wikimania, Montréal, August; hack4no, Hønefoss, October; WikidataCon, Berlin, October; Wikimedia Diversity Conference, Stockholm, November. See the annual plan for links and dates
  • The general assembly and wiki days were held in Trondheim in March.
  • Our office in Frivillighetshuset has been painted.
  • We have signed up for Tøyen Startup Village, which gives us access to nice metting rooms at Tøyen Torg.
  • We have updated our logo to a new version
  • The newsletter was sent out on May 3
  • In the next six months we will work on implementing a simpler membership system and project management system. The former to reduce time spent on administration, and the latter to increase transparency and ways to collaborate with volunteers.
  • Mette Henriksen from HiOA has been interning with us in May.
  • Sabine Rønsen, who interned with us in January/February 2016, has been working with us during the summer.

Because of 3 weeks of sick leave for the ED in March, some work was delayed.

The employees will mostly take their vacation time in July. The office will be closed from July 10 to July 14.

Board meeting 23 February 2017


  • The results of the user survey that was conducted before Christmas have been published on Meta in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and English.
  • Our website,, has been translated into Norwegian Nynorsk and English.
  • The translation tool has been installed on our wiki.
  • Our semiannual report has been sent to the Wikimedia Foundation, and can be read here.
  • We have sent an application to Unesco for a project.
  • Newsletters have been sent out via email and on-wiki. Emails have been sent to all members from 2016 with a reminder to pay their membership fees for 2017.
  • The premises for the 2017 general assembly in Trondheim and the wiki meetup on 24th–25th of March have been reserved. The program with registration for those attending has been shared here.

Wikimedia Norge has participated in a workshop about linked data structures organized by the National Archive and NRK. We have participated in a two-day ED gathering about a new Wikimedia Foundation strategy in Lausanne and on a two-day GLAM-wiki meetup at Unesco in Paris.

Community and program work

  • A Wikipedia editing course has been held for Orkla employees.
  • #faktajakt (the Norwegian edition of #1lib1ref) was arranged in January/February with the intern from Osle and Akershus University College. Sabine Rønsen was our intern for five weeks. Read her blog post about #faktajakt here. An article written about us in Bibliotekaren about #faktajakt and reference use on Wikipedia can be read here.
  • Armenia contest: A blog post summarizing the competition can be read here. The jury's feedback on the top 10 contributions were published on their talk pages. The result can be read here.
  • A wiki meetup at the House of Literature was held on the 17th of January. We cover the expenses, but the meetup is organized by volunteer contributors. An employee and the intern participated and awarded the prize for the best contribution in the Armenia contest. The intern summarized the meetup on our blog, which can be read here.
  • Wikigrants: 2 applications have been received, which are under consideration.
  • Accreditation for Norge Bank, the bank manager's annual speech, was set up for a contributor, and the result and the work with identifying the guests can be followed here.
  • By request we have sponsored prizes for two weekly contests, one about sources and one about the Oscars and the World Ski Championships.
  • We have translated the Wiki Education Foundation Dashboard into Norwegian for use in courses. We have tested it with the intern, and will start using it during the next few weeks at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the University of Oslo and at NTNU.
  • Together with 3 contributors we will organize Wiki Loves Earth from the 1st to the 31st of May.
  • We are participating in the Europeana 1914–1918 challenge, and will arrange a number of activities in collaboration with institutions connected to this epoch.

All events we organize or participate in are announced on Wikimedia Norge's Facebook page.

Board meeting 26 November 2016


  • New homepage is up
  • Wiki-newsletters is created and you can sign up for those here
  • User Survey is running from November 16th to December 1st, 2016. It is advertised via sitenotice, email and newsletters.
  • Wikimedia Norway's annual impact report was delivered on September 28th, 2016 and can be read here.
  • Wikimedia Norway's statement on next year's funding application to the Foundation was delivered on November 1st, 2016 and can be read here. We ask to be considered for 2-year support from 2017.
  • Executive director has taken mandatory safety courses for managers.
  • An HSE handbook has been prepared for the organization.
  • A fire instruction have been prepared for the organization and delivered to sublets and main landlord in Kolstadgata 1.

Wikimedia Norway has participated in Nordic open geodata gathering, # hack4no in Hønefoss and K-Lab's conference "Mulighetenes rom" - erfaringskonferanse.

Frivillighetshuset in Kolstadgata 1 is this autumn under reconstruction. The rebuilding has caused a lot of noise, dust and shutting off water etc., which has led to poor working conditions. This will be followed up by us and other tenants, with the main landlord.

Community and program work

All events we organize or attend is advertised on Wikimedia Norway's facebook page.

Board meeting 22 September 2016


  • The website has been redesigned by a volunteer. Thanks!
  • Wiki Mania: Two contributors received a travel stipend by us. The chairman, deputy chairman and one employee also participated. #wikinobel came among the top three in the competition Wikipedia coolest project.
  • New position: The position as Community Manager was announced this summer, and on August 22nd Jon Harald Søby was employed for a 40%-employment. He works from Trondheim.
  • Application for VAT compensation: We applied for 80,000 NOK and will have an answer in November.
  • Website: We are working on making a website that targets those who don't know Wikimedia Norge, with a contact form, membership form and info about us and about how to donate.
  • User survey: We are preparing a user survey to be held in the end of 2016. The survey will target contributors on Wikimedia projects.

We're increasingly being contacted by contributors who need help with borrowing equipment, getting accreditations, recommendations, covering expenses, etc. That makes us happy! This is an important part of our work.

Community and program work

  • Wikigrants: Application deadline 15 September
  • 5 accesses have been granted to contributors with foreign IP addresses. See the Wikipedia Library.
  • Access to Retriever (Atekst): 6 contributors have had free acces from 15 August till 15 September. We're working on getting a lasting agreement. See the Wikipedia Library.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments September 2016: We're organizing both a photo contest and a writing contest.
  • Cooperation with Wikimedia Armenia: In November there will be a four-week contest in cooperation with Wikimedia Armenia.
  • Wikipedia-undervisning på UiO: The collaboration with UiO continues with Wikipedia-lectures for masterstudents each semester
  • #wikinobel: This year explainer videos were also made by the SimpleShow Foundation. See [1].

Info on all events are shared on Wikimedia Norge's facebook-page